Buying New Faucets


We will often times find ourselves coming into someone’s home needing to replace an old faucet. The faucets are usually worn down with looks and hardware. One question we get asked a lot is ‘what kind of faucet would be best as we think about buying a new one?’ It is not a difficult question to answer. There are lots of choices these days compared back to about 20 years ago. In fact, the choices we have today make it fun to actually go shopping for a new faucet. These new faucets today aren’t just for useful purpose. Rather, now we find ourselves going more for decorative than useful. Yes, I know everyone wants a useful faucet, but decorative ranks high with regards to choices made.

Everyone loves having an elegant new faucet in their home. We help people think through what would be the best fit for their kitchen. Is your kitchen have a country feel? Does it have a classic feel? Does it have more of a lively feel? When people are thinking about making changes, sometimes they don’t think about making accessory changes. Sometimes an accessory change can really make the difference.

In talking with many plumbers, they have recognized that doing little changes within the home such as faucet changes can really help create a greater feel for what the home owner is trying to accomplish. One plumbing company that we work with, Wilmington Plumbing, has given us great suggestions for what type of faucets work best. They have walked us through what faucets work better for their clients as well as what faucets look best as they think about what would go with their kitchen. Some of the high end faucets give you more of a beautiful decorative feel as well as usefulness. Some of these high end faucets we would recommend are Waterstone Faucets, Maestro, and Grohe. If you are looking for quality and beauty on the lower end, then it is best to choose these: Kohler and Efaucets.


A lot of people wonder whether or not it is worth having a spray hose. There are lots of benefits for having a spray hose. It allows you to clean the sink in a better way. It allows you to be able to clean your dishes better. When it comes down to it, we feel like people make their decisions based upon the look. Do they like the look or not? There are lots of changes being made with regards to the look of spray hoses. Companies are trying to give a more modern look to these spray. This spray hose gives more of a modern feel as well as a classy look. We love the way companies have made this hose a part of the faucet. The look and feel is great. We have found that our clients are really loving this look.

Needing help with your kitchen accessories? We are here to help you. Please feel free to contact us for any help that you might need.

When Drama Takes a New Meaning In Plumbing

Normally, my days are filled with fun times. I enjoy being a plumber. I enjoy meeting and working for most of my customers. However, there are some days…

Man, you just wish you could recognize these days or jobs before you have to walk through them. I got a call from an elderly man who needed to have his toilet unclogged. I got there and assessed the situation. I tried to unclog the toilet. However, I recognized that this was worse than I had imagined or ever seen. After hours of trying to get the clogged unstuck, I recognized that something much worse was going on than a simple clogged toilet. Also, I touched base with a resource that I use a lot for help at Best Plumbers.

What I recognized was happening was that this elderly gentleman was throwing food into his toilet. After talking with him and recognizing the pieces of food around the toilet, I begin to think this was going to bad. After talking to the gentleman about this, I told him it was going to take a lot of work and a lot of money to get this thing unclogged. I was going to have to be there for a few days finding the exact source of where the clog was.

I started working on the project. About a day into the project, the man’s son came for a visit from out of town. I explained to him what I was doing and the cost behind it. He went crazy on me. He started yelling and cussing at me over the cost. He was yelling at me that I was taking advantage of his dad. He went on for about 5 minutes before I walked out.

I got into my car to calm down. Either I could leave and lose the money on the days work or I could go back in. I went back in. I explained to the son who I was and I gave him 2 solid references to let him know my character. I encouraged him to call these references to ask questions about my character. Then, I picked up my tools and walked out.

Five days later I got a call from the elderly gentleman. His son had gone back home. They had called 3 other plumbers. Each plumber said the same thing accept they wanted to charge him 2x more what I was charging. He apologized for his son’s behavior and asked if I would return. I agreed ad was able to get back in the next week to finish the job.

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Crazy Plumbing Stories

You would not believe how many crazy plumbing stories there are. We get lots of calls from people and you would believe the funny stories we get with regards to plumbing issues. Whenever you are dealing with poop, you are going to get some funny stories. Here is a crazy plumbing story. Hope you enjoy it.



Are you tired of the drama that comes with hiring service companies? We take the drama out of hiring service industry men particularly those in the plumbing field. We have set aside specific ways in which we help to cut down the drama. We have spent time looking at all of the areas where clients get frustrated with plumbing companies. From plumbers in Augusta GA to plumbers in Spartanburg SC, we have all kinds of great stories of they are frustrated. They get frustrated with the lack of honest, poor communication, no forms, no insurance, no license. All of these things bring about a lot of drama. What if you were to cut down on these things? What if we had something in place that would our clients not to experience this drama? We believe we have found out the way to do this. We looking forward to sharing our ideas on our blog.